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Securing the Nation and Enterprises With AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an integral part of industry and economy, cyber security professionals need to know how to define the scope of AI and its implications. Gain a new perspective on what artificial intelligence is — and what it isn’t — through the Securing the Nation and Enterprises with Artificial Intelligence certificate.

Certificate Overview

As the most critical technology integral to the success of the U.S., artificial intelligence has the power to reshape everything we do. Explore the history, function and future of artificial intelligence as an industry-agnostic tool through the Securing the Nation and Enterprises with AI certificate.

This career-specific certificate will prepare you with an advanced understanding of how to use AI, and how to secure against risks and the growing presence of AI as a national security concern. Special topics include deepfakes, social media and the role of AI in cyber attack and defense.

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Estimated Time to Complete
14 Weeks
Total Tuition

Career Projections

Projected employment growth for information security analysts by 2030 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021)
Average base salary for cyber security professionals (Payscale, 2022)
Projected number of unfilled cyber security jobs globally by 2025 (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2021)
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Certificate Outcomes

By critically assessing the role and ramifications of artificial intelligence in our lives, your Securing the Nation and Enterprises with Artificial Intelligence certificate will prepare you to:

  • Develop theoretical and practical knowledge so that you can apply course takeaways in real-time, without needing to retrain tomorrow

  • Appraise governance, risk management and controls to unlock the value of AI while minimizing risk

  • Synthesize the history of AI to project its future implications

  • Demonstrate the significance of AI as one of the most critical elements of national security

  • Assess the role of AI in attack and defense

  • Implement AI programs on an organizational level

  • Investigate and analyze the role of deepfakes, social media and autonomous devices

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