About Our Cyber Security Certificates

Built and taught by practitioners who understand what organizations want and need in cyber security professionals, our cyber security certificates offer students a level of real-world readiness you won’t find anywhere else.

Specialized Cyber Security Training

Meet cyber threats head-on with a cyber security certificate designed for your career. Made possible by the generous support of a community donor, San Diego State University’s Cyber Tech Academy offers agile cyber security training through a suite of 14-week certificates focused on the most pressing topics in the industry. As a Cyber Tech Academy student, your self-directed certificate will empower you to think strategically to solve the leading threats, understand emerging technologies and add value to any organization as a proficient cyber or information security professional.


A globe with a padlock indicating encrypted geo-tagging data.

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

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A laptop screen with a password field containing asterisks.

Cloud Security and Governance

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Cell phone conducting thumbprint identification scan.

Cyber Governance and Risk Management

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A medical chart with a lock indicating a secure medical file.

Cyber Security in Healthcare

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An icon of a grid with a lock in the center inside of a circle

Ethical Hacking

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Gain Real-World Skills From World of Haiku

Want to experience hands-on cyber security training while gaming? Cyber Tech Academy certificate students are eligible to receive a free license to play World of Haiku,* an interactive, one-of-a-kind online game that teaches critical cyber security and ethical hacking skills. Gain resume-building skills that show potential employers your progress in this area. Regardless of your know-how, you’ll expand your knowledge and skills with fundamental cyber security tools necessary for today’s rapidly growing cyber industry.

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Certificates on Your Schedule

Designed for working professionals, the Cyber Tech Academy certificates offer you the option to complete industry-specific cyber security training at a pace that fits your lifestyle. Classroom takeaways can be applied to your career in real-time, and the 100% online format of certificates means you can earn your certificate from wherever you are in the world.

Is a Certificate or Master’s Degree Right for You?

Comparison CategoryMaster of Science in Cyber SecurityCyber Security Certificate
AffordabilityAverage cost to complete a master’s in cyber security is between $17,000 and $70,000**Cyber Tech Academy certificate tuition totals $4,500
Admission RequirementsMay require a bachelor’s degreeGRE/GMAT test scoresletters of recommendation and/or prerequisite coursework Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience recommended* 
Time CommitmentTakes an average of two years to complete**Can be completed in as few as 14 weeks; must be completed within one year of registration
SpecializationIdeal for cyber security generalists who do not need specialized trainingBest for cyber security professionals who want to specialize and study current trends and technologies in the field

*Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience required for Ethical Hacking certificate students.

**U.S. News & World Report, 2021

Program Leadership and Instructors

One of the first cyber security programs built exclusively by seasoned practitioners, the San Diego State University Cyber Tech Academy offers you the chance to engage with and learn from faculty who have worked in the field for decades. Certificate instructors frame course principles in the context of their own experience and will serve as your industry mentors.

Winnie L. Callahan, Ed.D.


A nationally renowned practitioner and contributor to the cyber security community, Winnie Callahan joined San Diego State University in 2019 to lead a major new cyber security and emerging technology initiative focused on education, training and applied research. Dr. Callahan translates her decades of experience in consulting, business and critical infrastructure security into practice-based cyber education that prepares students for the future of cyber security.

John Callahan


An established commercial and governmental cyber security expert, John Callahan serves as co-director of the San Diego State University Cyber Tech Academy with the goal of providing applied and immersive training experiences to global student populations in the areas of cyber security and emerging technology. Within the Academy, Callahan oversees curriculum development, online pedagogy, research programs and strategic initiatives.



An experienced information security professional and instructor with a track record of subject mastery and team leadership, Eric Nielsen serves as a resident expert in information security incident response.

Eric Frost


Director of the Visualization Center and Co-Director of the Graduate Program in Cyber Security at San Diego State University, Eric Frost pairs advanced technical competencies with practical applications.


Bachelor’s degree or work equivalent required.
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